Welcome to the 2019 TECNA Summer Conference!


The 2019 TECNA Summer Conference is a three-day event focused on sharing best practices and strategies to help you grow your tech council and increase your value to members, sponsors and stakeholders in your communities.


This July 23-25 gathering of North American tech associations and councils will renew your TECNA connections while offering a glimpse at the tech ecosystem in Madison, the capital of Wisconsin. Content will focus on building partnerships, examining trends and practices, and growing your organizations.


The Wisconsin Technology Council is excited to host TECNA 2019 in its hometown this year. Madison is an eclectic city that combines the intellect and energy of state government, academia and tech companies of all sizes and sectors, ranking it among North America’s emerging tech hubs and making it an alluring place to live, work and play.


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TECNA Innovation Awards


New this year: The first TECNA Innovation Awards to honor the impactful work of individual organizations. The awards will recognize one or more tech councils’ member staff who have been integral to develop and implement innovative and impactful work on behalf of their tech association. The work being nominated should have a milestone in 2018. Click here for more info.

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About the Organizers

The Wisconsin Technology Council is the science and technology advisor to the Governor and the Legislature. It is an independent, non-profit and non-partisan board with members from tech companies, venture capital firms, higher education, research institutions, government and law. Visit our website to learn more.

TECNA represents about 50 IT and technology trade organizations that, in turn, represent more than 22,000 technology-related companies in North America. We empower regional technology organizations and serve as their collective voice in growing the North American technology economy. We strive to deliver valuable services to member organizations fostering collaboration, innovation, and the exchange of ideas. Visit our website to learn more.